Hello, Intarwebs

It's been a while, Internet. I'd rather not go into detail about my stupid medical problems online, so I'm instead going to post a picture:

I enjoy drawing on my bathroom mirror at school. That's the towel and shower curtain looking weird in the background, but Buster and Babs looking awesome in the foreground. Buster's been there for a while but I only just now drew Babs because I finally found purple and yellow dry erase markers. Plucky might be making an appearance in the future since I also found an orange marker...

In other news, Spore is addicting and awesome. If you happen to run across the Francis (peaceful herbivore) or Irving (carnivorous warmonger) made by triltaison, they're my babies. :D

Erm. More later. Maybe.
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Ryan told me to post my Pokédoodles, so here they are:

Let me know if you'd prefer me to put them under a cut. :P
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So, things have settled down a bit more. Some highlights of the past few weeks:

-Taking Prozac experimentally now. Seems to be working okay so far. At least, I don't feel WORSE or like I'm going to die at any moment.

-Finishing up my last paper of the year. I've actually been out of school for over a week, but my teacher granted me an extension due to... well, I'm taking Prozac, remember?

-I had the most stressful birthday I've ever had! I had a final, for which I had to literally study all night in order to be prepared in the slightest. I had no sleep in three days, visitors, and no-happy-pills + excess stress! YAY!

-87-year old grandmother fell down a hill and cracked her spine. She's doing fine and is mobile, but will be going into surgery soon to repair an enlarged disc.

-I beat the main story of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, but there's still lots of stuff happening after you "finish" the game. It's been keeping me sane while the kids (my 6-year-old nephew and 2-year-old niece) are over.

-Saw Speed Racer. It was fan-fucking-tastic. I think it did the series justice, and kept true to the spirit of the craziness of the cartoon. I bet it'd be frightening on an acid trip, though.

-I have two stuffed Caterpies and you should be jealous. (They are in my icon)

-My godmother (whom I refer to as "Miss Peggy") came down from Virginia with my mom to see me and that was fun.

-There is a cardinal nesting in our rosebush, and it is absolutely precious.

-There is such a thing as chocolate marshmallows, and they are delicious. They taste nonexistant in cocoa, though.

-Sharpies are fun to draw with. I HAVE BEEN DOODLING POKEYMANZ. Ivysaur is waddling in mud and I think he is cute. I can scan them in if anyone wants to see 'em. It could be fun to do the first 151 at least...
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(no subject)

So, um. No party today. Long story short, I'm going back on depression medication. I'll have some sort of hanging out thing early over break, though... I miss you guys. Sorry for being kind of short notice, but this was kind of short notice in the first place.

I'm going to try and contact people who don't read this.


I'll be having my party on Saturday around 7:30, and will be calling people this week. Food of some sort will be provided... I can make tacos again, or order pizzas. Anyone have a preference?

I also bought Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time last week to help distract me from getting too stressed out during finals. A Cyndaquil is me, and I have a Bulbasaur as my friend. It's a pretty fun little game.
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Pokémon Personality Test

A new Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game just came out, which is a series where you play as a human that has been transformed into a Pokémon and run around helping others. You take a little questionnaire at the beginning of the game to determine which of the 16 Pokémon your character will be, and this little quiz of randomly generated questions is available to be taken on the official Pokémon website. I thought this question and its answers were particularly funny:

In case anyone's interested, you can play as any of the starters from each gen (including Pika) + Munchlax, Meowth, and Skitty. I also have no idea why I've become such a Pokéfreak lately. I'll try to shut up about it. :P
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The Birthday Thing

My brother is coming to see me on Friday and my dad is coming down by plane on Saturday, so I think this weekend is pretty much dominated by family-related birthday things. Would the following weekend of May 2 or 3 be agreeable to everyone for cake and hanging out and such? This is mostly because Sunday sucks (this is a scientific fact) and because my family will be out of town then. That way, I don't feel awkward as you guys discuss things I'm afraid my mother will overhear because of the horribly open design of my house! Exciting stuff, I know.

I also think that will even be after most of you guys are done with finals, too.

Why is lj trying to sell me a USB-powered "Humping Dog" and why is it something they think I want to buy?
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